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National house Vinohrady

Westinghouse – Bechtel Symposium

On October 11th – October 12th, 2021, the Westinghouse – Bechtel symposium took place at the National house Vinohrady, welcoming a total of about 100 domestic companies. The conference was organized by Westinghouse in close cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

This event was a great way for interested suppliers to gain an understanding of the unique features of the AP1000® Plant and to engage in an interactive dialogue with Westinghouse and Bechtel supply chain and project directors regarding participation in this exciting program.


náměstí Míru 9, 120 53 Prague 2
GPS: 50°4'32.303"N, 14°26'16.726"E


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venue hire

Ing. Vladimíra HORECKÁ
Dance School

Ing. Vladimíra HORECKÁ
Long-term rentals - offices, shops

František DIVIŠ
Technical Director

Ing. Milan HÁJEK
General Manager


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