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Dance school

The National House of Vinohrady Dance School is the largest and best-known dance school in Prague, and has organised dance courses without interruption since 1959. It has a trademark, a testimony to the tradition and uniqueness of our tuition.

Hundreds of thousands of people have attended our courses, and the best-known Prague dance masters have taught here. The ceremonial rooms of the two palaces where tuition and special events are held have been reconstructed; they offer a fine aesthetic experience for pupils and their escorts.

At present around 2,000 young students and 600 adult students attend our dance courses each year. The dance masters work to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for every course. The majority of our graduates then register for further courses and specialised courses, which is proof of their satisfaction. The dance lessons are supplemented with a wide range of special events. At social evenings, extended dance lessons and balls you can see top-level dance performances by talented couples, and many popular musicians.

Come and dance with us – come and enjoy yourself!


namestí Miru 9, 120 53 Prague 2
GPS: 50°4'32.303"N, 14°26'16.726"E

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 111
  • E-mail: nardum@nardum.cz


  • Telephone: +420 221 596 221
  • E-mail: vstupenky@nardum.cz

Box office is temporary closed.

Ing. Milan HÁJEK
General Manager

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 209
  • E-mail: hajek@nardum.cz

Sales Director - VENUE HIRE

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 206
  • E-mail: obchod@nardum.cz

František DIVIŠ
Technický ředitel

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 203
  • E-mail: divis@nardum.cz

Long-term rentals - offices, shops

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 204
  • E-mail: pospisilova@nardum.cz

Ing. Vladimíra HORECKÁ
Dance School

  • Telephone: +420 221 596 251;
    +420 603 118 544
  • E-mail: horecka@nardum.cz