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National house Vinohrady


On the 13th a 14th November the 17th year of the Swing Music Festival took place in the National House Vinohrady.

The lovers of swing and jazz filled up the Mayakovsky Hall for both concert nights.

The first day of the festival started with BOHEMIA BIG BAND, a traditional big band, performing mostly classic swing tunes from the peak times of swing music. DASHA, LUCIE ČERNÍKOVÁ and JAN SMIGMATOR accompanied the band as soloists. 

Also performing as a special guest was the 84year-old Dutch jazz trumpet player ACK VAN ROOYEN, one of the greatest legends of the world jazz scene.

In the second part of the first night, the excited audience gave a warm welcome to GRACE KELLY, just a 22 year-old American alt-saxophone player and singer. This amazing musician performed together with her band – the Quintet. Grace Kelly’s talent and charm were deservingly rewarded by a long lasting applause.

The second day of the festival began with SWING QUINTET PRAHA, a union of five excellent musicians whose performance reminded the legacy of their famous colleague, the legendary jazz drummer Ivan Dominák, who performed with this formation until 2013.

The legend of the Czech swing, EVA PILAROVÁ, made an appearance as a special guest. Her unrelenting energy and her distinctive performance were met by an excited reception by the audience. The spectators then enjoyed the unforgettable encore performed in her famous unmistakeable voice.

 As usually, the second half of the evening belonged to the traditional star of the Swing Music Festival in the National House Vinohrady – ONDŘEJ HAVELKA AND HIS MELODY MAKERS. Their top-level performance was, as always, rewarded by an incredible reaction of the audience in the sold-out Mayakovsky Hall.

We would like to thank to all the sponsors, partners and guest for their support of this fantastic musical experience and we would like to invite every jazz- and swing enthusiast to the 18th Swing Music Festival that will take place in the traditional November date in the National House Vinohrady.   


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