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24th Representative Ball of the National House of Vinohrady

24 reprezentacni ples pruh

The National House of Vinohrady, with the support of the Borough of Prague 2, held its 24th Representative Ball on the 5th of April.

In his opening speech, the director of the National House of Vinohrady, Ing. Milan Hájek thanked all the partners of the ball and the Borough of Prague 2 and expressed a wish for the long-lasting mutual cooperation to continue. The host of the evening Alexander Hemala also wished a pleasant night to the guests. The Ball was once again a perfect meeting place for the familiar faces of citizens of Prague 2, the repeat visitors and supporters of the Ball in Vinohrady as well as for high level ball dancing enthusiasts.

The ball took place in in all the premises of the National House of Vinohrady. A rich and original program was prepared in each of the three historical halls, providing the oportunity to listen and dance since 8 pm.

Moondance Orchestra with its soloists was accompanying the whole evening in the main, Mayakovsky Hall. Dasha, Naďa Wepperová, Dušan Kollár and Michal Cerman performed as the main soloists of the evening. The whole night was also brightened up by breathtaking performances of the guest acts: the champions of the Czech Republic in the formation dancing from the Dance School Chvaletice or dancing pair Marek and Tereza Dědik.

In the smaller Rais Hall, Pangea-The Beatles Revival Band was the main star of the evening, followed by DJ Stanley. Even in the smallest of the halls, the Social Hall, the guest could enjoy the musical performances of Cimbálová muzika Vonica till the late night.

The organizers as every year prepared a attraction for this year's ball. An opportunity to have your picture taken by a professional photographer and the possibility to take the pictures home right away or have them emailed. This « Pictures from the Ball » offer was highly appreciated by the guest.

Every year the organizers from the National House of Vinohrady try to prepare a ball that would live up to the name « representative ». The indoor decorations, a quality program and a pleasant atmosphere are the basic foundation for organizing an exceptional cultural and social event. However, the most important part have always been the guest and this year was no exception. An almost sold out ball and positive feedback to this year's 24th Representative Ball of the National House of Vinohrady are the best motivation for the next year.

Every event of such significance as the Representative Ball in Vinohrady is a sign of cultural character of the citizens of Prague 2. And as we can see, the demand for such events is still very high it even in the strong competition of commercial entertainment.


Hopefully we'll meet again next year for the 25th anniversary of the Representative Ball of the National House of Vinohrady, which will be hold on April 3rd, 2020.


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